There may come a time when you require self-defense legal protection in Illinois. Our team at Illinois Concealed Carry Training LLC sincerely hopes that doesn’t happen, but if it does, we want you to be as prepared as possible. We can play a role in your preparation by offering training courses that give you the skills and practical know-how you need to use a firearm safely and legally to protect yourself and others.

Our courses provide you with the training you need to comply fully with Illinois concealed carry law. You are prepared to assess a situation and employ force if required when you have this background. That ability will be valuable if someone is seriously harmed or killed in the incident, and you need to claim self-defense in a court of law. You can show that you’ve taken steps to be a careful and prudent gun owner and would only use deadly force when under duress to protect yourself or another individual. Learning legal use of force is part of our course curriculum.

To take advantage of the training we provide, contact us to book a course at Illinois Concealed Carry Training LLC.