Get the Skills You Need with Firearms Safety Training in Illinois

The Constitution guarantees our right to keep and bear arms, but inherent in that right is the responsibility to use them safely and appropriately. Illinois Concealed Carry Training LLC helps gun owners to do that. We offer firearms safety training in Illinois that will give you the skills to use your handgun safely and with confidence while protecting yourself and those around you if the need arises.

The principles of handling a firearm safely apply to all types, whether a handgun, rifle, or shotgun, but the real-world usage is very different from gun to gun. We will give you the gun information you need and the training you want to get the most from your sidearm without endangering yourself or anyone else.

Our firearms safety training includes the physical handling, use, and storage of a weapon. We also take a look at the various laws and regulations that sport shooters and gun owners must follow.

Contact us today at Illinois Concealed Carry Training LLC to sign up for the training you want or to learn more about the courses we offer to help develop and promote responsible gun ownership.